fire safety for
Multi-Story Buildings

As a building manager of a multi-story building, you are responsible for keeping those inside safe from fire danger. Scheduling regular inspections and maintenance services for your fire prevention and suppression systems is an essential responsibility that will help your building remain as fire-safe as possible. Implementing the following suggestions can help you keep your multi-story building (and those inside) as safe from fire as possible.

Take a look at fire safety planning

Fire Escape Diagram

To keep building occupants safe and help them escape in the event of a fire, you should have a basic floor plan diagram placed on each floor. This diagram should be in a visible area that is frequented regularly (like a busy hallway, waiting room, or common meeting area). The guide should contain the location of stairway exit routes, manual pull fire alarms, and portable fire extinguishers.

Fire Systems Maintenance

If your fire system is not working properly, the result could be disastrous. To make sure everything is operating as it should be, have your fire system inspected regularly by a professional. This should include fire sprinkler inspection, smoke detector tests, and fire alarm maintenance. If any component of your fire system is malfunctioning or is not working optimally, have it fixed immediately.

Fire Safety Training

It is wise to perform regular drills with all the occupants in your building to make sure they understand fire evacuation procedures. Company managers should be encouraged to train employees on how to prevent fires, how to evacuate calmly and quickly, and where to gather once outdoors. If anyone has trouble evacuating due to blocked-off exits or other hazards, the issue should be noted and addressed immediately.

Implement Your Fire Safety Plan

Keeping staff members and visitors in your multi-story building safe should be your top priority as a building manager. To help you achieve this goal, make sure you have a well-thought-out fire safety plan. This plan should include visible fire safety diagram placement on each floor, regular fire system maintenance services, and planned fire safety trainings/fire drills on a regular basis.